Knowing what to do in a veterinary emergency can save the day. In the event of a veterinary emergency, you can rest assured knowing that our vets are ready to provide care for you and your pet.


If your pet needs emergency care, please contact us immediately at 772-286-3833 during normal business hours so we can prepare for you pet in order to probvide optimal care for your loved ones.


Veterinary Emergency Situations


If your pet is experiencing any of the following, please contact PSAH concerning emergency veterinary care:


     •My pet has been hit by a car

     •My pet has been poisoned

     •My pet is bleeding

     •My pet is vomiting excessively

     •My pet is having a seizure

     •My pet is having trouble urinating

     •My pet is experiencing excessive diarrhea

     •My pet is having a difficult time breathing

     •My pet is having a difficult time giving birth


Prepare for the Unexpected. Expect the Very Best from Port Salerno Animal Hospital.



Pet Emergency Of Martin County


For emergency veterinary medicine in the greater Stuart, FL area during non-business hours of Port Salerno Animal Hospital we recommend going to Pet Emergency Of Martin County. They have been providing medicine for Martin and St. Lucie County pets for over 12 years.


Pet Emergency Of Martin County Contact Information:


Phone Number: 772-781-3302


Google Maps: View Map